A professional and practicing attorney for over 30 years, Bruce J. Baker works diligently to provide his clients the highest quality service both in and out of the courtroom. Bruce J. Baker currently serves as an attorney for Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum Perlman & Nagelberg, a law firm in Chicago.

The founders of Barack Ferrazzano created the firm with the purpose of establishing an alternative to the traditional “mega-firm.” They focus on efficiently delivering team-oriented services, aiming for quality results for clients over quantity of cases.

In 2005, Barack Ferrazzano founded the BFKN Foundation. This organization, dedicated to serving the community, partnered with the Sharon Krista McAuliffe School in the same year to benefit students. Through this partnership, the BFKN Foundation has supported four annual events: a back-to-school event that supplies children with backpacks and school supplies, a winter holiday program that makes gifts of warm weather clothes to children, a spring career day that invites students to Barack Ferrazzano’s offices to encourage learning about legal careers, and tutoring sessions.

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