Typically held every December, the Bank Counsel Conference is a one-day event offered by the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA) that provides members an opportunity to learn about state and federal banking regulations. They also hear speakers discuss court decisions and banking legislation that may have changed during the year. One board member who usually speaks at these conferences is Bruce J. Baker, the IBA's vice president and general counsel. Mr. Baker has occupied this position since 1999, representing the concerns of more than 700 banks, thrifts, and trust companies.

Held in downtown Chicago, the conference covers varied topics, such as high-tech banking methods and their impact on the financial industry. In 2012, Bruce J. Baker spoke about recent developments regarding litigation and banking law within the state. He also discussed voidable mortgages, new trust laws, and Dodd-Frank updates. Certified regulatory compliance managers (CRCM) or Illinois attorneys who attend the conference may be eligible to receive continuing education credits for their participation.
As executive vice president and general counsel for the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA), Bruce J. Baker advocates for over 700 financial institutions of all sizes. Bruce J. Baker’s responsibilities include handling legislative issues that affect banks, trust companies, and thrifts.

The IBA has published preliminary information regarding Illinois’ new concealed carry of firearms law, which permits this action for persons who obtain a license. The law lists many areas where even licensed individuals may not carry guns, but banks are not on this list.

However, as private businesses, financial institutions are permitted to post signs prohibiting concealed carry. This applies also in bank parking lots, but only for persons while they are outside of their cars. The law is unclear as to whether licensed persons may carry firearms into drive-through banking areas.

The IBA anticipates the Illinois State Police will not begin to issue licenses until January 2014. The law allows the police 90 days to process an application. Persons who have licenses from other states will have to file new applications in Illinois.
Bruce J. Baker began his service as executive vice president and general counsel of the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA) in 1999. He has practiced law for well over 30 years. Bruce J. Baker received his Juris Doctorate at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Washington University School of Law Annual Alumni Weekend will be held from October 25 to 26, 2013. Alumni will return to campus to meet former classmates, faculty, and current students. The weekend begins on Friday evening, with a Welcome Back Reception, which will be held in Anheuser-Busch Hall. A continental breakfast will be provided the following morning, followed by a discussion on "Hot Topics in the Law," led by Professor Karen Tokarz and a number of other members of the faculty. Attendees are invited to a tour of the school from student ambassadors, and encouraged to share their experience with students at a late morning coffee reception. Dean Kent Syverud will give an address during lunch. After an evening reception featuring wine and appetizers at Cardwell’s, trolleys will take guests to their respective class dinners.