As executive vice president and general counsel for the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA), Bruce J. Baker advocates for over 700 financial institutions of all sizes. Bruce J. Baker’s responsibilities include handling legislative issues that affect banks, trust companies, and thrifts.

The IBA has published preliminary information regarding Illinois’ new concealed carry of firearms law, which permits this action for persons who obtain a license. The law lists many areas where even licensed individuals may not carry guns, but banks are not on this list.

However, as private businesses, financial institutions are permitted to post signs prohibiting concealed carry. This applies also in bank parking lots, but only for persons while they are outside of their cars. The law is unclear as to whether licensed persons may carry firearms into drive-through banking areas.

The IBA anticipates the Illinois State Police will not begin to issue licenses until January 2014. The law allows the police 90 days to process an application. Persons who have licenses from other states will have to file new applications in Illinois.

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