Bruce J. Baker serves as the general counsel and executive vice president of the Illinois Bankers Association. He helps to negotiate legislation for banking, create policies in regards to regulatory issues, and provide legal representation to the association. Over the course of his career as an attorney, Bruce J. Baker has been affiliated with a variety of associations. He belongs to both the American Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Since it was founded in 1877, the Illinois State Bar Association has been dedicated to improving the legal and judiciary field while increasing the public’s access to justice. Possessing over 30,000 members, the Illinois State Bar Association has become the state’s largest voluntary lawyer organization.

In addition to providing professional services, the association works with members of the public to help them learn more about the legal profession. The Illinois State Bar Association helps people searching for lawyers through its website. The association offers teachers information on how to hold mock trials and lesson plans to teach students about the judiciary system. The association also publishes legal rights information, a free legal service directory, and a guide to fee disagreements.

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