Bruce J. Baker serves as general counsel and executive vice president of the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA), a position he assumed in 1999. In this role, Bruce J. Baker oversees all regulatory and legislative issues, assists in product development for individual IBA member institutions, and serves as a liaison between the IBA and senior management at the major financial institutions in Illinois. Bruce J. Baker possesses more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, having represented and worked with many of the major banking institutions in the state. 

The Illinois Bankers Association represents all banks in the state of Illinois, including savings banks, savings and loan associations, and state and national banks. Established in 1891, the IBA is dedicated to providing a positive business environment for the banking industry and their local communities and accounts for approximately 90 percent of the assets in Illinois’ banking industry. 

In an effort to assist its members and to continue fostering banking leadership in the state, the IBA offers a number of programs that recognize the next generation of banking leaders. The Future Leaders Alliance (FLA) program addresses the ever-changing needs of the banking industry. The IBA also offers several recognition programs including the Outstanding Legislator Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, and the Illinois Banker of the Year Award.

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